Thursday, May 7, 2009


So for some odd reason I got a puppy. I wasn't looking for a puppy. I've never even had a dog. I thought I was just a cat person.....

Guess not!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sooo ready for Spring BREAK!!!

So it seems my posts are few and far between. I just don't have much excitement to write about lately. But the best news is.....there are only 48 school days left until Summer break! I can't wait. I have enjoyed my kiddos (most days)...but I am ready for a break! My girls are the sweetest ever. I would keep them another year. My boys on the other hand are driving me crazy. Two particular boys make LOCO! They are just a handful. Always in trouble and ruining my day. I will not be sad to see them move along to the 3rd grade....God Bless their parents and whoever gets them next year! They are all cute though...and curious. They say funny things and do cute things...I need to write them down so I can remember to share...

Junie B. Jones is just as cute as ever. She is sooo sweet and so ADD. She can't sit still for a minute. On Sunday she tried to figure out how to catch the snowflakes that were falling outside the sliding glass door. I was tempted to let her out just to see what she would do, but I was afraid she would think it is ok to go out whenever she wants. Can't have that! Gracie seems to tolerate her a little more. She even plays chase with her. But when Gracie is done playing...that's it! Junie B. has been playing fetch lately too. She found this little powder puff and likes to trot around with it in her mouth. Too Cute! She brought it to me so I "flicked" it with my fingers and she went after it. Next thing I know she has brought it back to me and I "flick" it again....and she brought it back again! Love her!

That's about it.....I guess it is kinda sad that my posts are always about my kitties. What a life huh? I need to see my nieces so I can get some human stories to share!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

  1. I have 2 kitties-Gracie Lou and Junie B. Jones
  2. I still watch The Real World…yeah I know I am too old for this show
  3. My mom is my best friend
  4. I just got bangs today
  5. I teach 2nd grade and love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.
  6. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to pursue my dream of teaching.
  7. I worry too much about things I have no control over
  8. I hope to be Dr. Bond by the end of 2009
  9. My parents are the best parents in all of the world. God really blessed me!
  10. I have lived in Georgia, Alabama,and Florida.
  11. I went to 7 schools from Kindergarten to 12th grade.
  12. One of my favorite things to do is by school supplies. There is just something about new notebooks, crayons, pencils, markers, and more!
  13. I hate seeing loose teeth…it is the grossest thing ever!! Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in 2nd grade!
  14. I am addicted to Coach purses….
  15. I have more gray hair than my mother.
  16. I love my 2 nieces more than anything. I would go to the ends of the earth to protect them!
  17. I just reconnected with my college roommate and can’t wait to visit with her in person!
  18. I need to drink more water and less diet coke.
  19. I have already started my tax return and can’t wait to file! J
  20. I actually look forward to growing old and living in a retirement home. I think it will kinda be like dorm living but better!
  21. I wish I could have known my Grandpa Daddy Bill.
  22. I wish Grandma Hettie Lou and Grandpa Bond could have been around longer.
  23. I have never owned a dog.
  24. I have never mowed the lawn---ever! And I hope I never have to!
  25. The biggest challenge for me this year will be sticking to my budget and not using my credit cards. (Thanks Dave Ramsey!)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

And a belated Merry Christmas too! I hope your Christmas was as great as mine. The above picture is my Mom's beautiful Christmas tree---I didn't even put one up this year. Yep I know it makes me a scrooge. I didn't need any more Junie B. messes to clean up! See previous post for more on that...
I was able to spend several days at my parents with the 007's from TN. I love spending time with my nieces Addison and Alivia (and my brother and SIL). They make everything better!!! My favorite part was watching them open the gifts and seeing their eyes light up! I do have to admit I was probably more excited about the Easy Bake Oven than Addie was! Unfortunately the Easy Bake cake didn't taste quite as good as I remember it tasting back in 1983---maybe they changed the recipe???

Today is the last day of 2008. I hope 2009 brings everyone health and happiness!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's been a long time...

So I have been busy for the past few months. I can't believe it is already December. There are 10 days till Christmas break and only 103 days of school left! Where has the time gone? Junie B. Jones and Gracie Lou have been keeping me busy. I am happy to report they are getting along better, but still not "friends". Junie likes to jump on Gracie and wrestle with her. Gracie isn't fond of "wrestling" though. Gracie does enjoy the chasing game. They take turns chasing each other up and down the hallway and up and down the stairs. I'm not sure what all happens during the day, but here is a look at what I have come home to a few times.

Junie has an affinity for toilet paper. I have to keep bathroom doors closed and all things shred-worthy hidden away. I have forgotten a few times to hide the toilet paper and have come home to the above pictures more than once. Junie B. is lucky she is so darn cute!

Friday, September 19, 2008


So tonight I am sitting at home with nothing to do, and I decide to scroll through my TiVo list. This list would be the "suggestions" list. Normally there are some good things to watch here. But for some reason tonight, my lonely and boring Friday night I might add, there are some odd suggestions: Cheaters, Judge David Young, Family Court with Judge Penny (who is this?), THS Investigates: Serial Killers on the Loose (just what a single girl living alone wants to think about), Judge Karen, Crimes That Shook the World, Love Laughs at Andy Hardy (WTF?), Amarte Es Mi Pecado (I don't speak, read, or listen in Spanish), Judge Alex, Jury Duty, Amarte Es Mi Pecado...again, and The FBI Files.

Do you see the pattern here? Who are all these Judges and why do they have shows??? I know TiVo tries to recognize patterns and find shows that might interest you but come on!!! What exactly does this say about my TV show watching habits? Where is Will & Grace, Friends, Seinfeld, Little House on the Prairie (yep I said..Little House on the Prairie!), Flip This House, The Office!, Flipping Out, Law and Order??? What I would give to see an episode of The Facts of Life, Silver Spoons, Punky Brewster,.....oh those were the days! Maybe this is God's way of telling me to turn the darn TV off and do some school work????

On a lighter we had our "Solids, Liquids, and Gases" celebration to end the unit. This involved ice cream, sprinkles, whip cream, sprite, skittles, and chocolate syrup. The kiddos had to eat first and then tell me what category each item went into right down to the bowls, spoons, cups, and napkins. They did pretty well. The best part was when "Jose" told his reading teacher about our party and said "And we didn't even have to tell her to do it! She thought it up all by herself!" I love my 2nd grade kiddos.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The View

I have this group of fine ladies (and a gentleman too!) that I dine with every morning during the school year. There is always coffee, sometimes cereal,sometimes bagels, occasionally pancakes (we need another silent auction!) and always, always there are laughs to be had. Everyone is welcome at the view....we never discriminate or refuse entry. We share our stories every morning and even every afternoon. Somehow we became labeled "The View". I'm not really sure where the name came from or who first said it, but it has stuck for the past 3 years. We even have our own seats around the table. And shame on you if you take a "regular's" chair or spot. You might get the evil eye from more than one person. The ladies and gent of the view keep me on track, they make me laugh, smile, cry, determined, and overall happy to be a teacher. Equally they also tell me when to shut up, not to worry, to lick a Xanex, and when to get over things. The topics are always interesting, sometimes perverse, sometimes crazy (thanks T.J.) and mostly just normal. You can be diagnosed by a "doctor" during the view, you can learn new slang at the view, and you can watch YouTube at the view. At the end of the year there is a top 10 list of our funnies....I think this year's list might have a few more than 10 from the way it looks right now....Oh and the most important item you can get from the view--chocolate! The chocolate is usually found in the form of M&M's--peanut and plain....and sometimes dark chocolate! This is just a short list, but you get the idea. We never know what each day is going to bring in our classrooms. Thank goodness we have each other to lean on, laugh with, and even sometimes make fun of (to your face of course)!!! Thanks "view" for every laugh and tear for the past 3 years....I hope we all have many, many more together!